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Anatomy of Thigh

This lecture explains the basics of anatomy of thigh, including the compartments, muscles and their innervation.

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Anatomy of the thigh

The thigh is the area between the pelvis and the knee.

The single bone in the thigh (femur).

Thigh is divided to 3 groups of muscles called compartments.

Anterior compartment

Posterior compartment

Medial compartment

These three compartments are separated by fascia.

Compartments of the Thigh

Anatomy of the thigh

The anterior compartment muscles of the thigh flex the femur at the hip and extend the leg at the knee.

The posterior compartment muscles of the thigh extend the thigh and flex the leg.

The medial compartment muscles all adduct the thigh.

The anterior compartment of the thigh is homologous to the posterior compartment of the arm.

The posterior compartment of the thigh is homologous to the anterior compartment of the arm.

Thigh innervations:

Anterior compartment from femoral nerve L2,3,4.

Medial compartment from obturator nerve L2,3,4.

Posterior compartment from sciatic nerve L4,5,S1,2,3  (sacral plexus).

Medial Compartment



Adductor longus.

Adductor brevis.

Adductor magnus.

Obturator externus

Medial Compartment


Obturator nerve

Adductor longus

Adductor brevis

Adductor magnus


Obturator externus

Posterior Compartment



Biceps Femoris:

Long head.

Short head.



Hamstring part of   Adductor magnus

Posterior Compartment

Vascular Supply:

Perforating arteries (from profunda femoris)




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