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Immunization II

This power point presentation gives general facts about immunization, paying special attention to childhood immunization. This movie requires Flash Player ... Read More »


This lecture describes the history, basic terms, cold chain, storage of vaccines, route of administration, minimum resuscitative equipment required and ... Read More »

Causal Concepts

This lecture gives the concepts of the causal factors which are responsible for causing disease.  It gives the types of ... Read More »


This lecture defines epidemiology, gives its  brief historical perspective, tells how an epidemiologists works, compares the working of clinician and ... Read More »

Maternal and Child Health I

This lecture starts off with the review of Primary Health care. After that it defines maternal and child health and ... Read More »

Health Indicators

This lecture discusses the various health indicators like mortality indicators, morbidity indicators, disability rates, nutritional status indicators, health care delivery ... Read More »

Epidemiology of Infections

This lecture defines various terms like disease, infection, colonization, communicable diseases, contamination, pollution, Reservoirs of infections, carrier, host, susceptibility, mutualism, ... Read More »

Introduction to Research

This lecture explains the basics of research, the steps involved, types, important tips and tricks, objectives, and other related aspects. ... Read More »

Introduction to Public Health

This lecture defines Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Curative Medicine, Social Health, Social Hygiene, Community Medicine, Comprehensive Health Care, Integrated Health ... Read More »

Primary Health Care -Part 2

This lecture discusses global goals for PHC, extended elements of PHC in 21st century, millennium development goals, obstacles to implement ... Read More »

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