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Biostatistics III

This lecture discusses how to generalize the results from the samples to the population.  It gives the concept of standard ... Read More »

Biostatisitcs II

This lecture takes a look at variables, frequency distribution, types of distribution, central tendencies and measures of spread. This movie ... Read More »

Randomized Controlled Trials

This lecture discusses the randomized controlled trials, a form of experimental or interventional study designed to establish cause and effects ... Read More »

Biostatistics I

This lecture introduces biostatistics. It defines the terms and gives the types of data. This movie requires Flash Player 9 ... Read More »

Case Control Studies

This lecture discusses the case control studies. It gives steps, odd ratio, advantages and disadvantages of this studies. It also ... Read More »

Cohort Studies

This lecture focuses on cohort studies which are the non-experimental analytical studies. Cohort studies are also known as longitudinal, prospective, ... Read More »

Epidemiological Study Designs

This lectures tells about various forms of epidemiological study designs. This lecture details the cross-sectional studies, case report, case series ... Read More »

Maternal and Child Health III

This lecture continues from the last part and discusses the last three components of the maternal and child health care, ... Read More »

Maternal and Child Health II

This lecture discusses the infant mortality and various rates like infant mortality rate, still birth rate, perinatal mortality rate, neonatal ... Read More »

Immunization III

This lecture describes various vaccines, their route of administration, adverse effects and other salient features. This movie requires Flash Player ... Read More »

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