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Health Education -Part 2

This lecture explains the principles of health education, role of communication, purpose, models and other aspects. Download Read More »

Demography -Part 3

This lecture on demography explains demographic transition, population momentum, urbanization and distribution, census and other related aspects. Download Read More »

Demograply -Part 2

This lecture elaborates on factors affecting fertility, fertility related statistics, mortality, morbidity, migration, population equation and other related aspects. Download Read More »

Demography -Part 1

This lecture introduces demography, elaborates on tools of demography, age and sex composition, population pyramid and other related issues. Download Read More »

Healthcare System in Pakistan

This lecture discusses the healthcare system of Pakistan, brief history, services offered, human resource and other related aspects. This movie ... Read More »

Snake Bite -Case Based Learning

This case based learning scenario points out the importance of snake bite, identification of different types of snakes, management and ... Read More »

Family Planning

This lecture discusses various aspects of family planning, different methods applied, advantages and disadvantages of use, and other related aspects. ... Read More »

Sampling Techniques

This lecture describes various sampling techniques which are broadly classified as random and non-random sampling. This movie requires Flash Player ... Read More »

Occupational Health III

This lecture describes some of the important occupational hazards like lead poisoning, pneumoconiosis and others. It also presents some measures ... Read More »

Occupational Health II

This lecture describes various occupational hazards that a worker may experience. These can be divided into various categories like physical, ... Read More »

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