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Occupational Health I

This lecture introduces occupational health and ergonomics. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »

Disaster (Case Based Learning)

This lecture describes various aspects of disaster. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »

Disaster II

This lecture discuss the public health problems that may arise from the disaster and disaster management cycle. This movie requires ... Read More »

Disaster I

This lecture introduces disaster, gives its classification and presents figures of some of the most devastating disaster in world and ... Read More »


This lecture gives salient features of screening and some exercises to help in forming 2X2 tables and form conclusions out ... Read More »

Tests of Significance

This lectures looks at various means to test the significance of  various statistics. These tests include standard error test, student ... Read More »

p-Value and Hypothesis Testing

This lecture explains the concept of significance of the p-value and various means to test hypothesis mainly the null and ... Read More »

Spurious Association, Bias and Confounding Factors

This lecture takes a look at spurious association that may arise in epidemiological studies, the bias due to various reasons ... Read More »

Prevention of Dengue and Malaria

This lecture takes a look at various means to prevent dengue and malaria. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »


This lecture talks about entomology and gives the various pertinent properties of the medically important insects like mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ... Read More »

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