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Corneal Dystrophies

This lecture discusses the group of progressive, usually bilateral, mostly genetically determined, mostly non-inflammatory and opacifying disorders and their classification. ... Read More »


This lecture focuses on ketatoconus. It gives its definition, presentation, pathophysiology, associations and treatment options. This movie requires Flash Player ... Read More »

Penetrating Eye Injuries

This lecture touches upon types of injuries that an eye can sustain. It details the  penetrating injuries and how to ... Read More »

Orbital Fractures

This lecture looks upon the various fractures of the orbital cavity like fractures of floor and medial wall or both ... Read More »

Posterior Uveitis

This lecture discusses various causes of posterior uveitis like sarcoidosis, toxoplasmosis, Behcet’s syndrome and fungal infections and how to investigate ... Read More »


This lecture deals with uveitis with its definition, classification, signs and symptoms, complications, investigations and treatment. This movie requires Flash ... Read More »

Differential Diagnosis of Red Eye Without Injury

This document present the differential diagnosis and management of red eye without injury which includes conjuctivitis, corneal ulcer, acute iritis, ... Read More »

Evaluation of Epiphora (Watering of Eyes)

The lecture explains the watering of eyes (epiphora), its causes, history, physical examination, secretory tests, diagnostic imaging and other related ... Read More »

Red Eye and Uveitis

This lecture explains the red eye, its causes, uveitis, corneal ulcer, keratitis, conjunctivitis, angle closure glaucoma, scleritis, and other related ... Read More »

Ocular Therapeutics

This lecture explains the ocular therapeutics, pharmacological principles, factors affecting, different forms of drugs, and other related aspects. This movie ... Read More »

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