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Placenta and Fetal Membranes

This lecture examines the formation, structure and function of placenta and fetal membranes. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »

Ovulation and its Medical Importance

This lecture explains ovulation, its medical importance, assessment of ovulation, time of ovulation, induction of ovulation, ovulation status, and other ... Read More »

Medical Complications Seen in Pregnancy

This lecture explains the common medical conditions seen in pregnancy, gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertensive disorders, thrombotic diseases, acute fatty liver, ... Read More »

Management of Menorrhagia

This lecture explains the management of menorrhagia, related definitions, history, examination, management, endometrial biopsy, surgical management, and other related aspects. ... Read More »

Fetal Monitoring During Labor

This lecture explains fetal monitoring during labor, including periodic fetal heart rate, amnioinfusion, fetal scalp blood sampling, complications from electronic ... Read More »

Antenatal Care

This lecture explains antenatal care, including its background, history, antenatal risk scoring, care plan, common symptoms, routine induction of labor, ... Read More »

Anatomy of Female Genital Tract

This lecture explains the anatomy of the female genital tract along with the pelvic floor, pelvic viscera, uterus, uterine tubes ... Read More »

Maternal Physiology During Pregnancy

This lecture discusses the physiological changes that occurs during a normal pregnancy. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »

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