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Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

This lecture deals with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease which may be a mole either complete of partial or neoplasms like choriocarcinoma, ... Read More »

Ectopic Pregnancy

This lecture deals with the causes and locations of ectopic pregnancy and how to diagnose and manage such cases. This ... Read More »

Recurrent miscarriages

This lecture defines recurrent miscarriages and describes various causes for this condition. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download Read More »

Neonatal Care

This poster shows the most pertinent aspects of neonatal care which are love, warmth, air, food, infection and identifying high ... Read More »

Anesthesia During Labour

This lecture describes pain pathways of labor pain, local and regional anesthetic techniques and their complications. This movie requires Flash ... Read More »

Normal Labour

This lecture talks about normal labour and how to read and interpret partograms. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Download ... Read More »

Antenatal Care

This lecture talks about antenatal care under following headings: background, aims of antenatal care, classification of antenatal care, advice reassurance ... Read More »

Antenatal Care

This lecture summarizes the antenatal care under following headings: History of antenatal care, pre-prenancy and booking, obstetric history, obstetric complications, ... Read More »

Fetal Growth

This lecture tells the salient changes that take place in the fetus starting from first lunar month to the ninth ... Read More »

1st Trimester Ultrasound

This lecture reviews the indications for first trimester ultrasound, discusses utilization of ultrasound and laboratory data in the evaluation of ... Read More »

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