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Diseases of Arteries

This lectures elaborates various diseases of arteries especially the non-infectious vasculitis of large vessels like Giant Cell Arteritis and Takayasu’s ... Read More »

Brain Abscess

This lecture defines brain abscess, gives its types, features, predisposing conditions, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. This movie requires Flash Player ... Read More »


This lecture deals with anatomy of respiratory system, mechanism of breathing and congenital anomalies at first, then the discussion shifts ... Read More »

Hypertension and Aneurysms

This lecture starts off with hypertension discussing its types, risk factors, complications, morphology and investigations. After which it tells about ... Read More »

Disturbances of Blood Flow

This lecture explains the disturbances of blood flow, including hyperemia and congestion, hemorrhage, ischemia, thrombosis, embolism, infarction, edema, and other ... Read More »

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

This lecture explains the complications of diabetes mellitus, their pathogenesis, lab investigations and management. This movie requires Flash Player 9 ... Read More »

Pathology of Diabetes Mellitus

This lecture explains the pathological aspects of Diabetes mellitus, its prevalence, types and pathogenesis. This movie requires Flash Player 9 ... Read More »

Basics of Acid Base Disorders

This lecture explains the basics of acid base disorders. This movie requires Flash Player 9 Outline of Lecture Acid – ... Read More »

Acid Base Disorders -General Aspects

This lecture on acid base disorders explains acidemia and alkalemia, associated causes, signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, management and related ... Read More »

Urine Routine Examination

This lecture explains the basic aspects of urine routine examination, its importance and what to look for. This movie requires ... Read More »

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