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Microcytic and Hypochromic Anemia

This lecture discusses the various causes of hypochromic and microcytic anemia including iron deficiency, thalassemias, anemia of chronic disease and ... Read More »

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

This lecture details the tuberculosis starting with its definition, causative organism, predisposing factors, diagnosis, pathogenesis, morphology, types of pulmonary and ... Read More »


This lecture touches on the topic of hemopoiesis. It gives an overview of stem cells, progenitor cells and hierarchy of ... Read More »

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

This lecture tells about the various chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like empysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and bronchiectasis. Emphysema is classified ... Read More »

Diseases of Myocardium and Pericardium, Tumours of Heart and Cardiac Transplantation

This lectures details various cardiomyopathies like dilated, hypertrophic and restricitive cardiomyopathy. It looks upon myocarditis, tumours of heart, pericarditis and ... Read More »

Valvular Heart Disease

This lecture looks upon various valvular heart diseases like valvular degeneration associated with calcification which includes in itself, calcific aortic ... Read More »

Diseases of Heart

This lecture describes different types of congenital anomalies of heart, which include shunts and obstructive anomalies which may be cyanotic/acyanotic. ... Read More »

Interstitial Lung Disease

This lecture explains the interstitium of lung, chronic diffuse interstitial restrictive lung disease, patterns, classification of types, Kerly lines and ... Read More »

Diseases of Gallbladder

This lecture touches upon various diseases of gall bladder like gall stones, cholecystitis, choledochal cyst, extra hepatic bile ducts, biliary ... Read More »

Diseases of Veins and Lymphatics and Vascular Tumours

This lecture explains the disease of veins namely Varicose veins, Thrombophlebitis and Phlebothrombosis, Syndrome of Superior Vena Cava and Syndrome ... Read More »

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