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Nasal Foreign Bodies

This lecture talks about various foreign bodies of the nose, rhinolith and maggots in the nose known as myiasis. This ... Read More »

Nasal and Facial Trauma

This lecture talks about facial trauma, nasal trauma, mandibular fractures, fractures of the maxilla, zygomatic complex fractures, orbital floor fractures, ... Read More »

External Ear Infections

This lecture reviews anatomy and physiology of external ear. After that it gives the signs, symptoms and treatment of various ... Read More »

Cerumen and Foreign Bodies

This lecture gives the definition, composition, production, types and function of cerumen (ear wax) along with symptoms and treatment of ... Read More »

Otalgia and Refered Otalgia

This lecture start with the review of nerve supply of ear followed by causes of primary otalgia and referred otalgia. ... Read More »

Nasal Obstruction

This lecture looks upon the nasal obstruction describing its various causes. In the end there are some case scenarios. This ... Read More »

Anatomy of Esophagus and Physiology of Swallowing

This lecture briefly describe the anatomy of esophagus with emphasis on various constrictions. Second part explains the physiology of swallowing ... Read More »


This lectures defines, gives causes and management of dysphagia. In the end it gives various schemes to approach a patient ... Read More »

Anatomy of Laynx

This lecture deals with the anatomy of larynx discussing its structures, like cartilages and muscles and nerve and blood supply. ... Read More »

Pharynx and Acute Pharyngitis

This lecture discusses the anatomy of pharynx and etiology, clinical manifestation, course, diagnosis and treatment of acute pharyngitis. This movie ... Read More »

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